Write For Us

Junputh literally means The Peoples’ Path. The path on which people walk, not Kings and their courtiers. If you feel like treading this path and writing something that benefits the people, you may mail it at: junputh@gmail.com

Some points to consider beforehand:

a) Junputh is a Community platform of writers hence it does not impose any pre-conditions for publication except that the content highlights peoples’ social, economic and cultural dimensions.

b) Junputh is a non-registered and non-commercial Digital Commons that does not pay to its writers.

c) There is no fixed time limit for publication after the content is received on mail. The sender is notified on mail as and when it gets published.

d) Junputh does not claim any Copyright on the published content so that writers may get their works published on other platforms if they wish so. Similarly Junputh re-publishes articles from elsewhere giving due credit.

e) Junputh usually does not entertain literary writing like story, poetry etc. but it is discretionary on the part of Editorial to do so.

f) Content Publication solely rests upon receipt of content from writers.

g) The sole motto of Junputh is to provide an alternative publishing platform for pro-people writers.

h) Everyone who is associated with the editing/moderation/publication of content at Junputh is non-salaried and independent.