Challenge is the opportunity! A message to young lawyers

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Among all the professions legal is the one which ensures wide space and reputation. There are several options and roles in it, from a Lawyer to the Judge. The legal profession emerged as a pioneer in India’s Independence and nowadays it plays a key role in a civilised society. A better implementation of laws ensures peace and development of the nation. Law is the only instrument that protects us from atrocities and violence.

Being in the legal profession we are facilitated with reputation, knowledge, and challenges too. Every challenge hides an opportunity with it so to grab that opportunity we need to fix the challenges with great zeal.

A Law degree is mere penetration into the legal profession, what is needed is courage, comprehension, connections, and commitment to be on zenith in this profession. The real journey begins when we step towards the profession. It is the reality that every law student has an idol and specific area of interest in the field of Law but after the completion of the course, the only thing they are in search of is the right job with good pay. In the legal profession, no one is complete and perfect, each day’s practice makes him better. As in other fields, the legal profession is also not remained untouched by the effects of technological advancement and artificial intelligence. They are a boon to the profession but on the contrary, they are a challenge too. Artificial intelligence made clients aware of the role of advocates in their case which is quite challenging for the advocates as they need to be one step ahead than that to make a difference. But this challenge has brought a  chance too, we need to identify it, work on it and ensure a better attempt. Nowadays, legal research jobs are diminishing as the entire research is ready within a single click. Technological advancement enabled lawyers to work in different types of cases with fewer hindrances that of earlier. Young lawyers are not aware of the environment of practice in the courts. In the initial days, the interactions seem to be unusual and strange. But, if you want to be a good lawyer you need to have good communication skills whether it be with a client or in the courtroom. The presentation should be calm and in a confident manner.

The relationship of the client with the advocates is fragile and is always like a pin below the chin, as a single wrong move may ruin the entire hard work of advocates. The legal profession is just like flying a plane where a tiny mistake may finish the whole.

Today, young lawyers need to keep patient, practice the profession, and stay by changes in society. Young lawyers will be successful if they will keep updated with the changes in the field of law, and regulations and have knowledge about the updated case laws. There must be the use of a creative approach by the young lawyers so that client’s interest can be saved.

As young lawyer, it is on us to become a better lawyers by improving our skills whether it’s writing, research, or arguing a motion. No one is perfect here only time and practice make them better.

The writer is an advocate by profession.

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